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About Kazakh Service Centre in United Kingdom

Kazakh Service Centre is a visa and document services agency that works exclusively with Kazakhstan embassies and consulates abroad.  Occasionally, when needed for Kazakhstan former and current citizens, we can also provide similar services at other foreign embassies and consulates located in London, Washington DC, NY, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Moscow, Almaty and Astana.  It was created in 2009.  Kazakh Service Centre works on a daily basis with Embassies of Kazakhstan, Migration Police, Ministry of International Affairs and other Kazakhstan government authorities. 

About Our Services in United Kingdom

We strive to provide high-quality services to organizations, companies and private individuals in United Kingdom on Kazakhstan visas and other consular services for private and corporate documents (e.g., translation & apostille & legalization of documents). We also provide services to Kazakhstan citizens in UK and companies that do business with UK.  Kazakh Service Centre can save you time hassle-free by undertaking all obligations from initial document review, assistance in preparation of documents until full completion. As part of this initiative, we have standardized and improved Application Packages for visa services.  These Application Packages now contain detailed Checklists to ensure smooth processing of documents at Embassy of Kazakhstan in UK.

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Tel.: +1 888-800-9339


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