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Jobs in Kazakhstan for Expats

Jobs in Kazakhstan can be found with help of Kazakh Service CenterThe USA and Canada are among the biggest foreign investors in Kazakhstan. Many American and Canadian companies either export products and services to Kazakhstan or are actively involved in Kazakhstan projects. Some companies even have a local branch office. There may be job opportunities for U.S. and Canada citizens, and this page is intended to give them some starting useful information to help secure challenging but joyful employment they would never forget!

We recommend as the starting point to look at U.S. or international companies represented in the American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan. You could then look for Kazakhstan jobs on their corporate websites in the "Careers" section. Or you could find similar information from the websites of the U.S. Embassy and Consulate General in Kazakhstan that you could find in the Useful Links section. For example, you could find out that U.S. companies are represented in Oil and Gas, Mining, IT & Communications, Banking & Finance and other sectors. You would then learn that such big companies as Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Halliburton, Coca Cola, Microsoft, XEROX and others are present in Kazakhstan.


There are many other good websites that you could find on the Internet as well. Alternatively, the below is the list of several manpower outsourcing agencies servicing the Kazakhstan oil and gas industry:

Finally, Kazakhstan vigorously invests into education and research sectors, and the below Universities may hire academics from overseas:

Work Permit and Visa Issues

In short, U.S. citizens need a visa to enter Kazakhstan and often need a Work Permit to work in Kazakhstan. In General Entry/Exit Requirements section you could find more information about the visa regime of Kazakhstan and other requirements for registration after arrival. Information about document authentication and apostille requirements is in the Kazakhstan and 1961 Hague Apostille Convention section.

There are certain exceptions that may obvitate the need to apply for Kazakhstan Work Permit. E.g., these may be as follows:

  • business immigrants (certain investor qualifications may apply);
  • senior management of branch and representative offices in Kazakhstan and major investor companies;
  • volunteers in educational, health protection or social assistance projects;
  • foreign academic staff employed for certain government-approved educational projects (please see above 2 Universities);
  • certain categories of employees and consultants in financial, environmental or pharmaceutical sectors.
  • AIFC

Generally, it is a good idea to apply for certain key documents in advance as this could speed up your hiring process. Authentication and apostille as well as actual work permit approval process takes time. To apply for work permit, you will need the following documents:

  • Educational credentials.
  • Medical fitness certificates.
  • Police Certificates.

And again, Kazakh Service Centre can help you properly apostille or legalize all your employment documents.

Work Permits issued to workers contain passport number, employer information and job title. When you get your Work Permit, please make sure your name appears exactly as in your passport. Otherwise, when letter of invitation (LOI) is prepared, some potential approval problems may surface. Also, when passport number or employment information changes (i.e., employee is transferred into a different position within the same company), employer should update his/her work permit accordingly. If foreign worker with Work Permit leaves the company completely, he/she must surrender Work Permit and depart from Kazakhstan as his employer will most likely require this immediately. Employers can contact the Kazakhstan authorities to invalidate the work visa in the system. It might be possible to switch companies without leaving Kazakhstan and going through the above hassle but that would require support from both your old and new employers.

Kazakh Service Centre can also assist you to obatin Certificate of Conformity of Qualification for Self-Employment (hereinafter - certificate of conformity of qualification) ( справка о соответствии квалификации для самостоятельного трудоустройства) - a document defined by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This document will be valid for 3 months and can help you to find job in Kazkahstan.

Please contact us if you need any additional information about Kazakh visa or Work Permit requirements.


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